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With an experienced, certified linguist at the helm, Euro-America is dedicated to achieving precision and excellence. A network of highly-qualified and dynamic translators is the backbone of our company. Together, we produce seamless, prompt and customized translation services for every industry. 

Our linguists are native speakers with the cultural nuances required to make every document flow like the original. They hold college degrees, certifications from renowned language organizations, and have a minimum of 10 years of experience in their respective fields of expertise.  

We take pride in the fact that our high level of reliability and responsiveness to our clients have placed us at the top of the industry for nearly 30 years. We value the trust and loyalty our clients have placed in us, and welcome new clients to share their experience and partner with Euro-America. 

Contact us for a free consultation and quote without obligation.

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Reliable and expeditious are the terms that best describe the translation services at Euro-America. Deadlines are crucial in our line of business and are constantly met by our professional linguists and quality control specialists who are always ready to undertake the next assignment.

Since each project is unique and requires its own tailored process and specific instructions, a project coordinator is assigned to each client as a single point-of-contact. A database is created to streamline the translation process and maintain the consistency in terminology and style throughout the rendition. The next step is the selection of the most qualified team of linguists, based on the subject matter. The review and quality control processes that follow the translation are extremely thorough to guarantee the accuracy and the flow of the rendition as if it were the original document.

The translation cost depends on a variety of factors, such as the volume (the larger the job, the lower the cost), the complexity, the language combination, the rarity of the language, the formatting and the turnaround time. Contact us for a free consultation and quote without obligation.


• Medical  • Pharmaceutical  • Multimedia  • Legal  • Technical  • Marketing
• Web   • Commercial   • Financial


A back translation is a highly effective validation tool mainly used in clinical trials and entrusted to two linguists and a quality control specialist. ​
A specialized linguist is assigned to complete the translation

(Source → Target) and then a second linguist, who has not had access to the original document, is assigned to do the back translation (Target → Source). ​
Finally, the reviewer compares the second rendition with the original text to avoid any ambiguity or confusion. Some consultations may be required in this final stage.


It is important to keep in mind that the key factor of the back translation is

to convey the true meaning of the text, not to provide an identical version of the original document. ​


Euro-America provides transcription and translation services of all types of media in any language. A team of native linguists is assigned to each project based on the target language, culture and market. In addition to the close attention paid to detail from the beginning, every job is subject to a meticulous quality control process prior to final delivery to the client.

In contrast with document translation, which is charged on a per word basis, the transcription/translation cost is calculated per minute of audio or video. Additional factors, such as the language, the quality of the recording or video, and the complexity of the contents are also taken into consideration to determine the final cost.

A certificate of accuracy may accompany the transcription/translation upon request.

Transcription and/or translation of:

• Training material  • Videos  • Seminars

  • Conferences  • Telephone calls  • Interviews  • Digital audio files  • Webinars


Euro-America provides localization services to support your website globalization initiative in all major languages. Our localization experts can make your message flow as well as the original while maintaining the look and ambiance of your website to keep your business growing.

• Content, format, text, multimedia, audio/video and image translation and localization
• Time, date and currency conversion
• Removal of culturally inappropriate icons and images
• Editing and proofreading
• Detailed project planning, management and quality assurance


​For complex or high-volume projects encompassing multiple languages for translation, we manage and maintain secure working files containing all your project documents and reference materials.

Open communication is kept with the client at all times to establish the priority of the documents, confirm deadlines, and maintain the document translated updated. 

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